Thursday, March 6, 2014

Err..Comeback kah?


fuh fuhh fuuuhhh *lap sikit screen lappy* habuk bersawang sana sini.

Hampir setahun lebih dah ye baru nak update. Alhamdulillah masih bernafas lagi. Sebenarnya aku sendiri pon konfius kenapa lama sangat tak hapdet blog. hahah. Terkujat jugak rupanya blog ni masih ramai viewers sampai ke harini *kengkononnye* ekekeke.

Tapi terdetik pulak malam-malam yg bertemankan kes2 yang perlu dibaca untuk esok ni nak menulis lagi. Rindu sebenarnya nak beremosi marah, sedih, gembira semasa menulis freely. yep freely. 

Ramai menggunakan medium media sosial - facebook, twitter, myspace (ada lagi ke?) etc. untuk luahkan apa diorang rasa. Personally so far aku suka nak tulis macam-macam kat blog. sebab follower pon tak ramai kan so aku agak takde sape kesah sangat pon aku tulis apa. ahahah. jadi rasa nak tulis apa-apa pon macam suka hati watlek watkool je kan.

okelah, nak lepas rindu je hihi :D
banyak nak hapdet tapi kat entry lain lah ye.

mood: sambung baca kes. esok nak menghadap madam yang aku sebenarnya x berapa nak jumpa lagi dah. tapi Allah lebih tahu. semester ni dapat lagi klas dgn madam sayang ;(

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Get inspired with your surrounding


Hello there! how are you? May Allah bless you wherever you are. Today's note is about inspiration. Technically, in this beautiful precious life we can get inspired emotionally, spiritually, physically or whatsoever you call it, through many many ways.(Alhamdulillah) Inspired here means you know, when you get spirit to do something because of something? an influence? encouragement? alright. So, some people can simply get inspired by just looking at beautiful-cute things/people (like me.. eh?ehem..)  or nature, food maybe or song, or picture...people's tweet sometimes? you name it. 

As for me, i love beautiful things(yeah of course you and others too -,-'). Especially when the beauty comes from photo. i love to take photos, be in photos, collecting photos, editing photos and whatever about photos. and i love books with a lot of photos in it rather than words. (unfortunately my law books doesn't have a single photo except the authors' picture. each of it. how sad!)

So go back to the topic about the life's inspiration thingy, i really love quotes, motivational talks, poems, tazkirah, proverbs and those of kind. (now its all bout me. but hey, this is my blog remember?eheh) the big LOVE here is when those things come in a way of song or be framed in a picture. Ain't it just so great? Most of songs and pictures make the words look so much cool. and sometimes, i think we people need 'something' rather than 'someone' solely in order to get advise. (and of course HE is always there for us.) please ya, you cannot rely on whatever your friends/ bestfriends/ bestbuddies/ whoever said. not 100%. no no no. no matter its a girl or boy. * a sister's advise here ;) plus don't forget your common sense. think wisely.

p/s: yes, this is your life. your path. others may walk with you but no one can walk for you.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Good times


Some old times are really such a precious moment. 2012 is coming to a close in few days more. then 2013. *sight. eh, macam cepat je kan :) and tooooo many things happened in 2012! sometimes I think it come out just too much for me to handle (T.T) (Allah please ease the trial...)  banyak benda tak settle lagi. (tolong doakan semoga dipermudahkan segalanya ye awak)

oke smile. a BIG smile! yet, for whatsoever is happening right now the life must be go on kan kan! HE is there. always there for you :) believe ya. oke here we go. just nak share and highlights some moments, my good times with friends and family. (tunjuk yg best2 je, tak best simpan dlm hati) 

jemput usha kalau sudi :)





with DURRA



mood: study week come again!